Store - Beurer - BF 100

Accurate upper and lower body measurement with 8 electrodes. 150 kg capacity Detailed body analysis with graphic evaluation and trend display Removable XXL display Determines body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass Graduation: 0.1% for body fat, body water and muscle percentage, 100g for weight and bone mass Calorie display AMR/BMR Intuitive user guide in 5 languages (D, GB, F, ES, I) With USB cable and HealthManager software download for free under: Download 5 activity levels User memory spaces: 10 + guest mode Measurement memory spaces: 30 Digit size: approx. 22 mm / LCD display: 120 x 46 mm Weighing platform: 33 x 30 cm Switch-on technology: Button-On Time and date 6 x 1.5V batteries AA included

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